THE IGBOS: JEWS IN AFRICA? Vol. 1, By Remy Ilona with contributions from Ehav Eliyah

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Remy Ilona is a Nigerian belonging to the Igbo ethnic nationality; a people he strongly upholds are of Israelite origin.  Remy lives in Abuja, Nigeria where he practices Law and writes.  A Law graduate of the Anambra State University, Awka, Remy taught Law in the Abuja outreach centres of the Ondo State Polytechnic, and Federal University Of Technology Owerri.  He also works in the Hebrew Centre, Abuja which he founded in September 2004.  Remy is also the founder of the Nigerian Jewish Friendship Association which was founded by Ehav Eliyah El'Askeni and has its headquarters in New York, USA.  He is also a traditional Igbo songs and dance enthusiast.


Ehav Eliyahu is a Jew of Sephardic and Igbo descent. He is a part of the Yemenite and Spanish/Portuguese Jewish communities in New York. Ehav is a member of Tiferet Yisrael Yemenite Synagogue in New York
City under auspice of Rabbi Yair Yaish.  An electrical engineer by trade he received his BS from Prairie View A&M University.  He is knowledgable in Ancient Hebrew, Yemenite Hebrew, Samaritan Hebrew, and
Eastern Aramaic.  Ehav serves as an editor on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia in areas of Middle Eastern and African Judaica history. He is the moderator of the Igbo Benei Yisrael email list as well as the web-master of the Jewish Nigeria web-site at


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Great reading material for home, schools, libraries and universities. Excellent for use as a textbook in Jewish Culture, African History and African-American History. A great book all year round and during January, "Jewish History Month" & February, Black History Month, any year.


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